Things MARINA LARROUDÉ can’t live without….. Print: so much work, so much going into one issue; a good recap of the season for fashion obsessives like ourselves. It’s a very tight team and we have our hands full, but it’s such a pleasure being part of it. Gaia Repossi’s earring was a Christmas present from my husband. All I can say is that he knows me well!Earring, Gaia Repossi

This Versace for H&M leather-studded dress was love at first sight. I drove the P.R. girl crazy saying how much I had to have it! Me and a couple of other editors went to the press shopping event Friday night and she had set my size aside. I’m a leopard print girl, and always have been. The white and black dress is Dolce & Gabbana.Black and Gold Dress, H&M x Versace; Leopard Print Dress, Dolce & Gabbana

Mary Katrantzou does prints like no one else. I pre-ordered this dress and got so excited when it finally arrived six moths later! Rosa Cha’s mini bag is from a time when they used to show in New York and I used to help them with the shows; it left the runway and went straight to my house. The Roger Vivier sandals are a perfect match to Gloria’s scooter!Dress, Mary Katrantzou; Shoes, Roger Vivier; Bag, Rose Cha

Casadei boots and Ferragamo bag: my sexy secretary look.Boots, Casadei; Bag, Salvatore Ferragamo

This picture is so goth! The pink furry sandals are Gianvito Rossi. I got them when I was in Europe for the shows, and when I came back home my husband was like, “What’s that? Is that for you to wear inside or outside the house?” The green booties were a find at a Manolo sample sale, and I was convinced I had to have them. I only wore them twice, but I like the way they look. Sara Battaglia’s clutch used to be a real Bible—it’s all handmade. The Gianvito Rossi pump was best described by the man himself as a “winter cocktail shoe.”Pink Shoes, Gianvito Rossi; Green Boots, Manolo Blahnik; Black Shoes, Gianvito Rossi; Clutch, Sara Battaglia, Necklace, Mawi

My mom always says that I’ve loved pink shoes since I was a kid, and I guess it never changed!Shoes, Manolo Blahnik

I don’t think I own a pair of ballerinas at the moment. When it comes to flats, I either wear Roger Viviers or loafers.L to R. Shoes, Aperlai, Roger Vivier, Roger Vivier, René Caovilla, Tibi, Ralph Lauren.

And here are my bags: the green one is the Prismick from Roger Vivier and a new favourite. The two-tone clutch is R+Y Augousti, the minaudieres are from Kotur; there’s a vintage piece from Louis Vuitton, a few CHANELs, a Coach pouch, and a Ferragamo black and white piece.Top Row. L to R. Bags, R+Y Augousti, Kotur, Kotur, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Rosa Cha Bottom Row. L to R. Roger Vivier, Sara Battaglia, Lanvin, CHANEL, CHANEL, Salvatore Ferragamo

And here is my Grey Sweater Drawer: Super-fuzzy from Theory, argyle from rag & bone, a spiked collar style from Maje, basics from Proenza, Uniqlo, and J. Crew, lace from Sandro.Sweaters, Various Designers

This is my Coloured Sweaters drawer; Chinti and Parker does the most cozy and special cashmeres, Markus Lupfer does playful like no on else, and J. Crew and Uniqlo are my go-to brands when it’s time to stock up!Sweaters, Various Designers

Coloured and printed denim on the bottom, and blues and blacks on top. Current/Elliot, J Brand, Genetic, MiH, and AG jeans are the ones that fit me best. But if I like the style and colour I don’t care about the label.Pants, Various Designers

In my first drawer: fun clutches and a few CHANEL bags. The white one used to belong to my mother, and I borrowed it almost a decade ago for my honeymoon but never returned it. The black one I bought the first time I went to Europe for the men’s shows; I still want to get one in a bright colour.Bags, Various Designers
Jewellery on the right and belts on the left. Meredith Wendell does the most special belts in the market—I have a collection of them. J. Crew has some fun ones in metallics, neons, and leopards prints, and at a very good price. For jewellery, my list of designers is endless, but it definitely starts with Eddie Borgo, Herve Van der Straeten, and Tom Binns.All, Various Designers
Feminine, sexy, and timeless. I don’t think it was conscious, but I became tired of too much going on in a shoe. Single sole and beautifully made is what I’m drawn to lately. Gianvito Rossi, Manolo, Céline, and Roger Vivier are my go-to brands.Shoes, Various Designers
I’m OCD when it comes to my closet: Pretty much every Saturday I re-order things back into place. I like to keep everything by colour, dresses on one side, skirts on the other, T-shirts, sweaters, and denim in the drawers, and I’m also obsessed with hangers. Beside my metal skirt hangers, everything else is wood and monogrammed—crazy, I know.All, Various Designers


You can thank Marina Larroudé—the market director for—for all the insane accessories and ready-to-wear products featured on the biblical fashion site. Larroudé grew up in the Brazilian cities of Araçatuba and São Paulo, where she started her career as a contributing editor for Vogue Brazil. Her coveted closet collection has been a work in progress for a long time, boasting treasures from around the world, along with a slew of pieces passed down from her mother. As we learned from our “The Little Black Jacket” collab with CHANEL on Monday, Larroudé’s classic 2.55 in white patent was ‘borrowed’ from her mother for her honeymoon—and almost a decade later it has yet to be returned. (Sorry for letting the cat out of the bag.) That being said, it looks like Larroudé’s lovely little daughter Gloria is set to inherit some of her mommy’s best Manolos, Loubs and—of course—CHANEL. Larroudé has a special knack for colour and prints—but hey, after scouring the markets since 2006, you’ve got to have that stuff down to a science. She has an impeccable eye for the unique, but she’s really drawn to a “single sole, which is beautifully made.” Her go-to brands? Gianvito Rossi, Manolo, Céline and Roger Vivier. Our time with Larroudé was spent getting insider secrets: she dished out her beauty must-haves (Larroudé swears by Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation) and her holiday escapes to her hometown, where she visits every year at Christmas-time. But what we were most intrigued about was her organizational skills: Larroudé has a serious passion for organization, which lends to her keen sense of style. “I’m OCD when it comes to my closet,” she confessed to us. “Pretty much every Saturday I re-order things back into place.” Some people spend Saturdays sleeping in, and some spend them keeping their closet clean…to each their own, right?
Things I can’t live without:
pics and text via the coverteur Print: so much work, so much going into one issue; a good recap of the season for fashion obsessives like ourselves. It’s a very tight team and we have our hands full, but it’s such a pleasure being part … Weiterlesen

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ooooh PHILIP!!!



You know you’ve made it when Miss Piggy is on the cover of a magazine wearing your jewels, so when we caught up with Philip Crangi, he was still riding the Muppet high. Crangi along with his sister/biz partner launched their two collections, Philip Crangi (a fine jewellery collection) and Giles & Brother—their costume line that continues to be the object of our affection—in 2001. Crangi graciously welcomed THE COVERTEUR (definitely one of the hotest blogs to follow)  into his N.Y.C. abode, which he shares with his equally talented partner, Darren:
“Let’s just say Darren is the man responsible for our racked up credit card bills at Barney’s: he works as the accessories designer at Proenza Schouler (and formerly Balenciaga). Good catch, right? Crangi quickly brewed us a pot of coffee to get our Coveteur creativity on and we got right to it. We were instantly swept away to Crangi’s Floridian roots through his palm tree wallpaper. (Ed note: You may recognize it from the Beverly Hills Hotel) As per usual, we were eager get our hands on the sparkly accessories, which we soon learned were heavily inspired by Greco-Roman artifacts, Baroque ironwork and Japanese armour. The thoughtfulness behind each piece lent itself to the stories embedded in Crangi’s décor. Behind his tattoos and cute grizzly beard is a laid back, sophisticated man who likes to curl up with a good book, and even needlepoint from time to time—schedule permitting, of course.”
here he goes:

Things I can’t live without:


I always wear sunglasses. Years of wearing regular reading glasses has made wearing glasses of any kind a part of my everyday life. Plus, they are amazing accessories; they have the power to make an outfit. Although I have many beloved pairs, I am really into my Barton Perreira, ‘Dillinger’ style.Sunglasses, Various Designers

The two necklaces are Philip Crangi. They are classics that I first made for myself, which eventually became part of the line. The turquoise bracelet is Navajo from the 1930s—it’s my magic power bracelet. It’s a super special piece. I swear the moment I put it on I felt the ghosts. I collect antique, hardstone Cameo and Intaglio rings and these are three favourites.Necklaces, Philip Crangi; Bracelet and Rings, Vintage
The rings are classic Philip Crangi forged steel and gold bands. I have been making these rings for many years and these are just some from my personal stash.Rings, Philip Crangi
I really love this bag, too. It’s one of Darren’s designs for the Proenza Schouler S/S ’12 show.Bag, Proenza Schouler
These are another pair of favourite sneakers for the summer. They are an old pair of Jonathan Saunders for Gola. I usually wear them with shorts because I love the combo of high tops and shorts.Shoe, Gola x Jonathan Saunders
This ‘Arceau’ watch from Hermès is the perfect balance of classic and frivolous. With its dark brown face, it’s one of my favourites.Watch, Hermès


PHILIP CRANGI FOUNDER, PHILIP CRANGI; GILES AND BROTHER BY PHILIP CRANGI. NEW YORK You know you’ve made it when Miss Piggy is on the cover of a magazine wearing your jewels, so when we caught up with Philip Crangi, he … Weiterlesen

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hello ROGOV!

pics and interview via SOFIE GOES TO MOSCOW

pics and interview via SOFIE GOES TO MOSCOW

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