If your soul isn´t on fire, it isn´t love.

I normally shy away from absolutes, especially ones concerning love. But this one seems to work. It seems to allow for a love that is subtle, reserved, and quiet while still being hot, boiling beneath the surface. This love doesn´t have to be mad, burning passion. It doesn´t have to be craze-filled lust. It can be. It can be bodies and skin and lipsgrabbing, groping, and biting. It is – but it doesn´t have to be. It can be slow, it can be subtle, it can be as small as a kindling spark deep in the brush. It exists for those who are not always passion and lust, who have quiet mouths and loud minds, who refuse to perform, for those whose soul burn and for those who just stare them in the eye and say Yes. I am in. – I am all in- . So if you are patient enough and understanding enough, you will see that you too can put your arms in places that have dust in them.
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